Box 6 soaps to shave travel

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This set will allow you to build the collection of the 6 MdC shaving soaps in travel format. With this box, more doubt possible: you will be happy and envious!

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1 x Shave soap Original Weight-50g

The Original or the 1st Savon in Raser Martin de Candrethe one we created in the 1980s. The discreet and refined freshness of its perfume made from the essential oils of Lavande, Menthe and Romarin immediately conquered its users! In a few years it became the "phare" product of the Savonnerie... A beautiful story!

1 x Shave soap Nature Weight-50g

As its name suggests, here is the Savon to Raser "Nature", which is not scented and whose quality of the foam is identical to that of other scented shaving soaps. Very soft, it has a small smell of soap; its foam rises quickly, is abundant, stays wet long and wraps the face like a light cream, to allow perfect shaving with maximum comfort.

The "Nature" Raser Soap is suitable for sensitive skins of the face and neck for a smooth and precise shaving, a feeling of comfort and softness and optimal protection!

1 x Shave Soap Weight-50g

Scented with one of the iconic Colognes of the Savonnerie Martin de Candre, very appreciated for its delicate, fresh and green notes, the Raser Fougère soap has the same qualities of foam and shaving as the Raser Original and Nature Saps.

1 x Rose shaving soap - Limited series Weight-50g

The Savon in Raser Rose surprises with the delicateness of its perfume. Elegant and floral notes, an irresistible freshness...

1 x Vetyver Shave Soap - Weight-50g Limited Series

The Savon in Raser Vétyver has character! Greener, more virile, very attractive...

1 x Shave soap, Citrus - Weight-50g limit series

The unmatched freshness of lemon, grapefruit, Bergamote...What subtle, fragile, difficult to harmonize and to fix for a perfumer when he works only with essential oils rigorously natural. That's how Martin de Candre has been inspired and created for you this shave soap called "Agrumes"!

A new shaving to enjoy!!!...

1 x The very beautiful MdC box, which you can fill as you like

A beautiful box that you can compose as you please! May contain 4 large bottles of 250ml, or 4 large soaps of 250g, or 8 100g soaps, or assortment of soaps and toiletries...

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