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This kit is the search for balance and sobriety to perform your traditional shaving. Without extravagance this Classic Kit, so masculine, offers you the three products that will give you a particularly smooth and balanced shaving. In its field the Savon l’Original is a particularly brilliant reference. MdC was able to launch its new shaving soaps (Sans Parfum, Fougère) thanks to this later period which allowed it to glean your appreciations, tips and reviews..

Having this Classic Kit in your bathroom is a certain aesthetic!!

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1 x Alun Stone, Rasage

The Alun Stone thanks to its astringent and antibacterial properties is a natural and effective after shaving. Always used by the barbers, the Pierre d'Alun will calm the fire of the razor, limit the irritation due to the shaving, and resolve the cut problems.

1 x Shave soap Original Weight-200g

The Original or the 1st Savon in Raser Martin de Candrethe one we created in the 1980s. The discreet and refined freshness of its perfume made from the essential oils of Lavande, Menthe and Romarin immediately conquered its users! In a few years it became the "phare" product of the Savonnerie... A beautiful story!

1 x Coprah oil, Chamomile and Citron Format-45ml

Coprah Island in Camomille and Lemon

So simple and so complete!!

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