Mühle Safety Rack - Chrome

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MÜHLE safety rod, closed comb, metal chrome handles. Safety rod, classic blade Metal handles with chrome inserts for a metal key

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With this safety razor, you get a precise, safe shave because only part of the blades protrude from the razor. Its modern yet traditional design makes it easy to hold. It's equally suited to daily shaving of the beard and the rest of the body.

The closed comb is a feature of the safety razor's protective comb (the metal part that covers the blade). It is called "closed" because its teeth are narrow. The closed comb ensures even pressure on the skin during shaving. People with sensitive skin will appreciate the comfort and smoothness of shaving with this type of razor.

The handle unscrews for easy blade changing. All double-edged blades (also known as " Double Edge " or " DE ") are compatible with this safety razor.

Total length: 9.5 cm

Weight: 67g

Supplied with a Mühle blade.

Made in Germany.

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