PLISSON Russian Grey Essential Shaving Brush - "White

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Magnificent "White" shaving brush from the Essentiel range by Plisson, the oldest shaving brush manufacturer in the world (founded in 1808). Acetate handle for a comfortable grip. The tuft is made of pure Russian grey badger hair , firm and tonic, perfect for exfoliating your face. Standard size 12, for everyday shaving.

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An elegant, high-quality shaving brush, made in France and hand-assembled by Plisson, the French benchmark since 1808.

Instructions for use:

With your face wet beforehand (ideally just out of the shower), quickly run your shaving brush under warm water and emulsify the shaving soap without crushing the hairs until you obtain a thick, creamy lather. Apply to the face in circular movements for one or two minutes, long enough to soften and straighten the hairs of your beard sufficiently.

Care :

To preserve the qualities of your beard brush for years to come, we recommend rinsing it well after each use, to remove any traces of cream or soap, and draining it. Then rub it lightly on a bath towel before storing it upside down on a suitable stand.

Handle: Acetate

Hair: Russian Grey - Firm

Size: 12cm

Collection Plisson : Essential

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