Bag of 4 Shampoos Assortis

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To try them, to test them on your hair and to be able to choose the one that best suits you every day.

For families, ideal to take a holiday: each one its own! So welcoming when you add it in the bathroom of your invités...

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1 x Flacon-30ml Argile Shampoo

Recommended hair type: fat.Contains 10% green and fine Argile, of ARGILETZ quality.

For millennia, the Argile has been used to clean the skin, it is well known for its absorbent power and its richness in trace elements and minerals.

1 x Shampoo in Ortie and Capuchin Flacon-30ml

Recommended hair type: normal (all family).

Made from Ortie (sheets and flowers) 5% and Capucine (seeds) 5%.

Capucine often enters into toning hair lotions and the White Ortie is very rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

1 x Chamomile shampoo Flacon-30ml

Recommended hair type: blonde.

Made based on Camomille Matricaire d'Italie (10%).

Traditionally used for light hair, it has the peculiarity to bring golden reflections to this type of hair.

1 x Shampoo Noisettes-Bourrache Flacon-30ml

Recommended hair type: dry, fragile.

Made from virgin Noisettes oil (fruit) 3% and with Bourrache virgin oil (graines) 1.5%.

These oils are known for their nourishing and moisturizing qualities.

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