"Le Petit Sac à Savon" - Copeaux Parfumés

Réf SAC-TAB Category Solid soap with weight

This little square buttercloth pouch is filled with 100g of scented soap shavings (a mix of a dozen scents). You can slip it into your cupboards to scent your washing and naturally keep moths away! A grandma's trick that's been passed down from generation to generation..

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Votre "Le Petit Sac à Savon" - Copeaux Parfumés

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At Martin de Candre we always give a second life to our offcuts and other unsaleable pieces of soap.

The fine shavings and chips produced during the cutting of our soap blocks are packaged in buttercloth or organza pouches to spread the delicious scent of the soap factory in your drawers and cupboards.

Thanks to their delicate fragrance of essential oils, your laundry will smell clean, fresh and comforting at the same time!

The little extra? Our soaps are excellent natural moth repellents! The essential oils they contain will provide lasting protection for your clothes and household linen against harmful insects.

The airy weave of the butter cloth allows our soap scraps to release all their delicious fragrance.

Weight : 100g

Made in France.

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