Set of Soaps with Comforting Balms

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This pack contains 3 blocks of 100g soap into which we've added exotic tree resins with woody and vanilla scents : 1 x " Baume du Tolu ", 1 x " Benjoin " and 1 x " 3 Baumes ". These natural resins are renowned for their regenerating and antiseptic properties.

We recommend these soaps for skin damaged by the cold and prone to tightness.

Ideal for daily face and body cleansing.

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This pack includes :

1 x 100g block of soap with Tolu Balsam.

1 x 100g block of soap with Benzoin Resin.

1 x 100g block of soap with 3 Balsams: Benzoin, Tolu and Rectified Peruvian Balsam.

These 100% natural soaps are saponified the old-fashioned way with vegetable oils(Andalusian Olive Oil, Indonesian Copra Oil and Organic Palm Oil, Guaranteed Zero Deforestation and Fairtrade from the"Palm Done Right" sustainable chain) and then scented with essential oils that underline the sweet, suave notes of their resins.

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