Marseille Face and Body - 160g

Réf 160-MTOIL Category Solid unit soap

From a traditional saponification at boiler, the soap type Marseille « Visage et Corps » is composed more than 72% olive oil and coprah.Formulated without perfume, it cleanse skin of small and grandma en softness, without slaughtering it.An authentic soap, health and efficient which foams in infinite!

Label : 100% natural products
Label : Made in France
Label : Vegan
Label : Biodegradable
Label : Mousse Untold
Label : Without Parfum
Label : Visage and Corps
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Votre Marseille Face and Body - 160g

en quelques lignes

Cut to thread then hand stampedblock 160g offers a sustainable use equivalent to approximately 3 bottles de shower gel 200ml.

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