Marseille Multi-Use Bar - 500g

Réf 2 BARRES-550-MMGE Category Solid unit soap

An original format that allows you to cut your soaps yourself, depending on the desired size!

The soap says "from Marseille" is the fruit of an old saponification of Olive oil and Coprah oil. It does not contain fragrance to suit the most fragile skins. Its formula (around 78% oil for a dry soap) allows to wash the face and body gently!

Label : Biodegradable
Label : Mousse Untold
Label : Without Parfum
Label : Eliminates tasks
Label : 100% natural products
Label : Artisanally
Label : Made in France
Label : Vegan
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Votre Marseille Multi-Use Bar - 500g

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The bar of soap it allows you to cut your sweets according to the the desired sizeand.One original and durable format which is equivalent to 10 bottles of shower gel 200ml about .

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