Blaireau Classic Hair - Ivory Rice

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For an effective application of your shaving soap Martin de Candre. Classic Poils Gris badger Silvertip badger Mühle Poil gray "fine" : In real badger hairs, a very good quality for a badger at average price, very affordable. Excellent outfit and massage provided before shaving.

Couleur Ivory resin
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Votre Blaireau Classic Hair - Ivory Rice

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This shaving brush from Mühle's Classic range gives you a quality, traditional shave. The density and suppleness of the real bristles means you can build up a lather quickly and enjoy the most pleasant massage while applying the lather from your shaving soap Martin de Candre.

The "Pure Silver " or "Silvertip badger " is a very rare type of hair from an animal's neck. The ends are white and the centre, known as the "mirror", is slightly black. This type of bristle is incomparably fine and superior to other hair varieties.

Black or ivoryresin handle.

Tuft size: 19 mm (size S)

Made in Germany.

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