Sac Marseille Ménage - 800g of blocks

Réf SAC-800-MMGE Category Solid soap with weight

From a saponification à l’ancien achieved hot, soap type MarseilleMulti-users » is composed to more than 72% of Andalusia’s olive oil, oil de coprah indonesia and Indonesiapalm oil of Ecuador sustainable sector Palm Done Right.

Economic for use, effective against tenacious tasks, respectful skin and delicate linen, this soap is a soap alternativeecological to chemicals maintenance and hygiene of the daily!

Formulated without fragrance.

Label : 100% natural products
Label : Made in France
Label : Vegan
Label : Biodegradable
Label : Mousse Untold
Label : Without Parfum
Label : Eliminates tasks
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Votre Sac Marseille Ménage - 800g of blocks

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