Tolu bag - 8 blocks of 100g

Réf SAC-800-TOL Category Solid soap with weight

Since its creation in 1974, the Savonnerie Martin de Candre has always put forward its choice of preference for the Baumes.

Resin or "gommes" extracted from trees or resinous from the family of MYROXYLON or STYRAX, the Balm of Peru (rectified), the Benjoin and the Tolu have odors and slightly vanilla flavors, which marvel at most essential oils.

Label : Made in France
Label : Vegan
Label : Biodegradable
Label : Mousse Untold
Label : Rich in glycerin
Label : 100% natural products
Label : Artisanally
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Votre Tolu bag - 8 blocks of 100g

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